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Your carpet could be making you sick—literally and figuratively. The carpet can become home to many allergens, such as dust, dust mite fecal matter, pollen, pet dander and other debris. Even though this debris gets caught in each of the carpet fibers, they are continually kicked up into the air, which reduces indoor air quality. Carpet is extremely difficult to clean with at-home methods. Even industrial chemical methods are disastrous. At Green Choice Carpet of Greenwich CT, we deliver fast, green and efficient carpet cleaning Greenwich CT services. This is what sets us apart. If you want to make an appointment, chat with us or call 1-203-653-4675 and we will answer all your questions about our service.


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Allergens and Air Quality

Allergens can set off allergic reactions or make people feel like they are sick. The body cannot distinguish the difference between an allergen and a virus. The body goes into complete attack mode to get rid of allergens in the body. As a result, the body’s immune system takes a hit because it is weakened. This is why people who have allergies are more prone to sickness. Taking just one step to clean the carpet using our Eco-friendly cleaning process can drastically improve your home’s indoor air quality. However, other methods of carpet cleaning leave a chemical residue on your carpet, which is dangerous to children and pets. Our safe, green formula is non-toxic, but it cleans beautifully.


At-home methods of carpet cleaning are not proficient at thoroughly removing stains, odors, bacteria and the debris caught in the carpet. Also, at-home methods tend to leave the carpet soaked. This compromises the carpet padding and sub flooring beneath the carpet. This creates an atmosphere that is not only unhygienic, but it will be susceptible to mold. Mold further exacerbates the problems with allergies and how the body responds to them.

Green Technology

We only use safe and green cleansers. The issue with other forms of carpet cleaning, with the use of chemicals, is that they leave residue on the carpet, which affects children and pets, and it creates a surface that is more susceptible to dirt. Our organic formula will not cause your carpet fibers to break down either. We use an effective Eco-friendly shampoo, which traps all forms of debris within it. We remove the shampoo from your carpet leaving it in pristine condition. Stains and odors are especially difficult to get rid of with at-home methods. We use gentle, yet effective, green technology to thoroughly remove difficult stains and odors that is safe for your family, guests and pets.

We provide efficient and thorough services. We thoroughly extract debris and other contaminants from carpet to prolong carpet life. Our methods of carpet cleaning are unsurpassed in the industry. We have provided quality customer care for several years. Many of our current customers are repeat customers or are referred to us. We provide free appointments. Give us a call at 1-203-653-4675, and one of our friendly staff members can give you a quote over the phone or even come to your house to give you a free quote.

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Customer Testimonials

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  • My mother is selling her house and she hadn’t had her wall to wall carpeting cleaned in a while. I found Green Choice Carpet of Greenwich CT online and saw they had good reviews so I made an appointment. They cleaned all three floors of her home. I’m surprised how many stains actually came out. I’m sure both my mother and I will call them again in the future. Thank you Green Choice Carpet of Greenwich CT, you did a great job!

    Alexis W
    Carpet Cleaning
  • My husband bought an amazing and huge Persian rug about 3 years ago. It covers the whole living room floor. Two weeks ago we had celebrated our twins boys 2nd birthday. We had a party in our house and over 30 people attended. By the end of the party the rug looked awful. Full of dirt, juice stains and odors from food. I called Green Choice Carpet Of Greenwich CT, and 2 people came and picked up the rug. I got the rug back on Friday. All of the dirt, stains and odors have been removed and the rug smells great! I highly recommend this company.

    Julia Brenner
    Rug Cleaning
  • I thought it would be a good idea to have my rugs cleaned before the cold weather started setting in. I have a variety of rugs. Some Persian and oriental, some others that are simply machine made. I called around to a few places but had trouble finding a company that could handle the more valuable ones. Then I found Green Choice Carpet Of Greenwich CT, The technician who came had an answer to every question I could think of. I received my delivery a few days ago and I couldn’t be happier. Not only did they rid my rugs of any pet stains and odors but they also look so much more vibrant after a good cleaning.Thank you Green Choice Carpet Of Greenwich CT, I’ll be calling again soon!

    Micheal Oneil
    Rug Cleaning
  • After the holidays I desperately needed my furniture cleaned. My family has a lot of children and there were quite a few new stains on my set of upholstery. I prefer using natural products so I was looking for a green company. I was referred to Green Choice Carpet of Greenwich CT by a friend of mine. Not only did I have my upholstery cleaned but my carpet, too! Everything looks so much better. Thanks Green Choice Carpet of Greenwich CT.

    Stuart Diver
    Rug Cleaning
  • My mother has a beautiful oriental rug and for her 50th birthday I decided to get the rug cleaned for her. The rug has never been professionally cleaned before so it needed a good cleaning. I called Green Choice Carpet Of Greenwich CT, A technician arrived and explained all about the service. I felt very confident in the company so I let him pick up the rug at the same time. I just got the rug back at my mother’s house and I can’t describe how happy I am. They did a great job with the rug!! The rug looks amazing, so clean. My mother is very happy. Thanks to Green Choice Carpet Of Greenwich CT for helping me give my mother such a great birthday present!

    Jari Suraivas
    Carpet Cleaning
  • I had a baby a little over five months ago. Before she was born I called Green Choice Carpet of Greenwich CT. I’ve used them several times in the past and have always been beyond pleased with the service. This time around I had them pick up my area rugs for a thorough cleaning and had them clean the rooms with wall to wall carpet. My little girl is just starting to crawl and I feel so at ease knowing I’ve had EVERY carpet cleaned with green products. I’m so thankful that I found a company who uses products that ensure our safety. Thank you so much Green Choice Carpet of Greenwich CT!!

    Crystal U.
    Carpet Cleaning

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Best cleaning service you can find here in Greenwich .Enjoyed doing business with them. Highly recommented

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